Political Resistance. There is an app for that.

Outrage fatigue. This administration is beyond exhausting and wearing us all down. There are people who have conveyed this point far better than I probably ever will with words that cut to the point. In my space right here and now, I don't want to rant about the never ending onslaught of political bullshit of... Continue Reading →

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Mountains and Mystery

I am home. There is so much to unpack and process from this weekend. My step forward feels more like a stumble as I reintegrate back into the Mundane. I’m still reeling from it all. I am forever grateful for Twilight Covening. For the EarthSpirit community. For the Clan leaders and the Work they do.... Continue Reading →

The Mountains

The feel of the air Embracing you from the start Deeply healing what is there Within Body, Soul and Heart It's the Sacredness of grass and stone Feet planted on top the Earth Vibrations through skin and bone Teaching self love and worth Sometimes the lessons stick Sometimes I need a reminder But the Mountains... Continue Reading →

One step forward and a half step back

Today, I went to the UU Church again for the third time. There, I listened to a beautiful service about our memories and lost loved ones. I always leave these UU services feeling and being a happier person. My day goes smoother. Cleaner.  I felt it in particular while I was at work after. That... Continue Reading →

Know Thyself

There is always that version of us we aim for. That is living on the edges of our present selves. Barely within grasp. But that same self we reach for is also a spark. A dream. That is residing with us. It is present, small and quiet. That is how you you feel it. It's... Continue Reading →

Farewell Lucy

I wasn't ready. We never are really. It was completely sudden. She passed while I was on the phone with my Stepdad a state away. I felt completely helpless. There is a cat-shaped hole in my heart today. 2004 ish. Lucy was the runt of the litter. We picked each other honestly. Through high school... Continue Reading →

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